How It’s Made -“Spirit”

Spirit is part five of a five part series that is currently being built. This series will be based of the correlation between the seasons and elements. Spirit is to be the fifth part in this relationship. Currently, this body of work is unnamed, but that will change soon.

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Coming Out Of The Broom Closet

Growing up in an inner city sure has its advantages. It gave me an education that no money could ever buy. I was lucky to be exposed to so many cultures, and religions. I love every single one of them! Each one of those cultures, and religions are a part of who I am today. One day, it just clicked! At their very core, the religions are all exactly the same! Love for yourself and others is the general theme of every one of them. So I took off to find my own path while taking pieces of each religion and culture with me. I’d say it started in grade school. I didn’t quite know there was a word for what I was just yet. I never even told a so

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A Proper Introduction To "Selene Manifest".

This piece was created as a tribute to my daughter. Well, really it’s to all young woman. Selene is the goddess of the moon. It is said that she is the one who drives the moon chariot thru the sky every night. The moon itself is symbolic of intuition. This piece is a reminder to all young girls stay sovereign, and live according to their truest self.

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The "Strength" Series

Welcome to my series entitled “Strength”. Strength was my chosen word for 2018. In the beginning of every year I choose a word to represent the work that must be done.  Each of these images was created in the raw moments of their respective times. Not before, not after, but during. I had no idea how much this one tiny little word would have.

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About the Artist

Natalie Allgyer is a photo artist with a fiercely creative soul who uses a camera and photoshop to display a wide array of feeling and emotion. She learned her craft on her own and continues to hone it weekly. 

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