Back To School Time? Sweet!


August is here! What is it about this time of year that makes us want to go buy some school supplies? Seriously! My Dad used to say this too. Its something about the magical beginning of August. 

A mile stone is about to take place here at The Allgyer household. My daughter kindergarten in a few days. She will ride a school bus too. She’s so excited. So I did what any good moms are around now. Ordering all the stuff from Amazon 😉. 

The box of school supplies showed up a few days ago. At once I opened opened the box; the smell of its contents brought me back instantly! Right away I was flooded with that familiar pang of excitement, and nervousness for the beginning of a new school year. If I’m really being honestly I also started to crave pumpkin spice lattes, but I promise I won’t pull any kind of crap like that until we get closer to the official beginning of Fall. Just on principle. 

But seriously, isn’t it crazy how smells could do that to us!? 

Later that day, now that I’m all “back-to-school’ed” out and stuff I began to notice the season changes going on around us too. Have you noticed the changes in nature around the beginning of August? How the color of the light starts to change during the day is the first thing that comes to mind ? It sort of begins to has a warmer, more autumnal hue to it. Especially in the morning and evening. You start to notice the birds flying in formation too. The clouds start to do some interesting things in the evening. Especially here in Charleston. It’s just so pretty! The summer heat starts to (ever so slightly) loosen it grip, and the days are noticeably shorter than they were a month or so ago at the solstice. While Ive always been privy to these changes; it wasn’t until I got older that I learned that there is a Gaelic/pagan holiday that occurs on August 2nd called Lughnasadh that celebrates just this. I’m so grateful for that! Finding that out made me feel so, human. 

I love watching the seasons change, but there’s a downside to it too. I’ll likely get crucified for this, but I’m happy that summer is winding down. I’m a Libra for crying out loud. By law that basically makes me not-so-much a fan of extremes. Summer, like winter, is an extreme. I start getting tired of the heat, humidity, the sun being bright until around 9pm then up again around 4:30am. Something new to this summer- I’m finding that I am not cut out to be a full time stay at home mom. I must be missing a gene or something. I did fairly well with this for the first eight weeks or so, but I’m tired now. I think my little love is too.

Don’t get it twisted. It was great! As a family we went to the pool, and the beach. We boated all day long. Went on vacations. We played.  A lot. Stayed up later. Basically we had a blast. It was possibly the best summer ever! It must also be said that my little love is arguable the coolest, most amazing, and well evolved human that I’ve ever met, but I am legit losing my mind! Anyone else w me? 

In any case there is something about the beginning of August, even when we lived up north, that made my husband and I start to long for Fall and all that Fall entails. I am excited for what to come. The first day of kindergarten (we start earlier in the south), football, shorter days, and most importantly- my birthday!!! 

Are you looking forward to Fall? How was your summer? Holler at me! 

**This Fall I will be archiving some of my images. I haven’t decided which yet, but it will likely be some of my earlier works. I would be so honored to grace your wall space! If there is anything you would want to have hanging in your home you can check them out here

Natalie Allgyer