A Proper Introduction and Backround To “The Passing of the Light”

“Passing of the Light” by Natalie Allgyer

“Passing of the Light” by Natalie Allgyer

This image has a deep and dual meaning for me. The vibe of it speaks the loss of so many close loved ones, both of my parents included. The worn skin in the hands expresses the exhaustion in my soul. Each one of them has passed a light onto me, and I receive it with honor. Doesn’t the act of giving bring as much joy and comfort to you as the receiving does? I felt as though the giving-and-receiving theme should be highlighted in addition to the loss. In the background of this piece you will find an oyster bed. Oysters also have a dual meaning. In one way they symbolize a heaven or nirvana. In another way they symbolize beauty, and strength. The oysters complete the vibe nicely. That tiny dot above the light is also a nod to all of those who have come before us and continue to watch over us.


The color palette in this image is important to the story. It’s hard to explain it in words (hence the fact that I am a visual artist) but that reddish brown color combined with the yellow glow seemed to do the trick nicely. Once I found the correct palette to properly portray the vibe I was going for, I began to I create this image using my own hands photographed in different ways. I have my grandmother’s hands. So own hands couldn’t have been anymore perfect for this image!  When I miss her I look at my hands. I “painted” the light orb into the image using my software. Then placed the hands and light together using an oyster bed as a background to tie the intentions together.


You’ve now heard how how this piece makes me feel. Now I want to know how it makes YOU feel. Let me know in the comments or send me a DM!  Nothing makes me happier than hearing how my art affects others. Cheers and enjoy!


With Gratitude, 

Natalie Allgyer