A Proper Introduction To "Selene Manifest".

Selene Manifest

Selene Manifest

In the past, I would write some flowery poetry to go along with each of my works. While it all sounds pretty, the flowery words don’t get into the meat of what the piece truly means. Every part of my works is there for a reason. All of those minute details has a purpose. While writing the content for this site, it was clear that these pieces deserved better than what I was giving them. Over the next few months I will be re-releasing each work in between other blog posts to give each of them the respect they are due. Please read on so that you can experience all the love that is poured inside of the details of Selene Manifest.

Selene Manifest-

“You are the moon, yet the moon is also you. Her divine energy lives in you. Hold that chin up. Pull that chest out and open. Walk with a magical step. Illuminate the dark with your gentle glow. Her light belongs to not only you, but also those who came before you. Honor her always. Above all, my sovereign little love, stay grateful.”- Me.

This piece was created as a tribute to my daughter. Well really it’s to all young woman. Selene is the goddess of the moon. It is said that she is the one who drives the moon chariot thru the sky every night. The moon itself is symbolic of intuition. This piece is a reminder to all young girls stay sovereign, and live according to their truest self. Only when you accept who you are will you have the ability to manifest anything that you desire! Look closely and you’ll notice that there is a small bouquet of hyacinth flowers in the subjects hand. Hyacinths represent the dawn of Spring and Spring can represent hope. In the background you’ll find the constellation, Orion. Orion was a hunter. He is there to remind the subject that even though she is strong, sovereign, and able; to always be on her guard. The star “Bellatrix”, female warrior, is highlighted as a reminder that all women are warriors in their own rite. 

Being that this piece was a tribute to my daughter, I had her help with it. When she was only 3 years old. I set the tripod height to my waist height. Then had her click the button to take the main image of the subject (me with a wig on holding a rope).  She also took some rapid fire shots of me furling the dress materiel around so that I could make the dress appear to be flowing in the breeze in the final image. She did so well!!! The stars and constellation in the background are each hand “painted”, and the hyacinth was from an image that I took earlier in the year. The grass that the subject stands on is from my back yard and they tiny blades of grass near my dress are from me meticulously placing and manipulating at least 100 tiny grass blades by hand to make the image more realistic. Each image is taken with its respective place of in the final piece in mind. Distance from the camera, depth of field, and camera height are all taken into careful consideration. Stare at it a while, how does this piece make you feel? Let me know in the comments!


Natalie Allgyer

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