An Ode To the Smartphone Camera

smartphone class

“It’s not the camera, but the photographer that makes the picture”.

We keep our phones in our purses/pockets, and even in our hands. Sometimes the entire time that we are awake! We take pictures with it. Every. Single. Day. The smartphone camera can no longer be ignored.

Ive seen your instagram accounts! Don’t you think that it is time that you owe your smartphone, and yourself some proper photography lessons? Well I’m going to give my local Charleston folks the opportunity to do just that!

On Saturday March 23rd from 9am-12pm. I'll be hosting a class at The Exchange in @Dunes West in Mount Pleasant, SC.

I speak iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel :)

This 3 hour class will be packed full of information. Intent will be the #1 lesson. When you photo has intent, it WILL shine. By using intent. I'll show you to recognize each of the main lighting situations, and how to properly navigate your way thru each. How to compose a shot so that it tells your story in the way your vision wants it to be told. You will also learn the techie stuff around how to get the most out of your smartphone camera and it’s settings. Then, I'll send you out for a break, and to do just that! After you compile some photos. The second half will be all about editing. We will use a powerful, but free, app that I love oh-so much. I'll guide you thru the app, and you will learn how to edit your photos in a way that will further bring out the intention that you had for the image when you designed it in your head. I'll answer your questions along the way too. Hope to see you there! 

Snacks will be served. Please have your phone fully charged, and bring a pen and paper. I’ll send out the info for the app to ticket holders as time gets closer. Tickets are non-refundable, but they are transferrable. See you there!

Here is the link to buy tickets-

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