Love Yo-Self!


“Nothing makes me happier than to see someone else doing them and being genuinely happy in that. Whatever “that” may be. Go be that! Be authentically YOU!” 

When I was younger. I’d say early 20’s. I had crippling anxiety. So bad that I couldn’t even leave my bedroom at times. It was awful. I felt like I was going crazy. I saw all sorts of doctors to rule things out. Turns out it was just your garden variety panic attacks. I was afraid to talk about it. I was so ashamed of it. If I’m being honest I was ashamed of myself too. I didn’t want anyone to think that I was weird. I spent my entire life up to this point trying to be “normal”. Whatever that is…

Spoiler alert- I am “weird”, and proud of it!!

So. One day, while at work, I started dipping my toe in the water. At first it was the most casual mention of anxiety. Then a beautiful thing happened. Others started to “come out” too. We talked so much about it. We even talked about our individual underlying reasons too. The whole experience was so healing!! Just this alone toned down the attacks substantially. The main reason for the anxiety is because I needed to break free from other people’s thoughts and opinions. Much of this was upbringing and how important this strange illusion of perfection was to my parents, but thats a whole other ball of wax... So much has happened since then too. 

Every bit of it has shaped me into the live-out-loud person that I am today. I am no victim by any stretch of the imagination. The gratitude is just as high for the negative experience as It is for the positive ones. Maybe even more so for the negative. The negative experiences are what have built my strong character. Think- Fiona Gallagher in Shameless, only not as entertaining, and with less kids to deal with (really!).

This living out loud mentality has moved my family to a place where we can live our best lives, and forced the creative soul in me to shine. I’ve worn a few hats so far. None have felt as good as being an artist. This all feels SO right. Right here, right now is where I am ment to be. 

Now-a-days you can find me riding around on roller blades thru my neighborhood (I am a Faerie after all). Wearing super baggy Aladdin pants. A shirt that doesn’t match said pants. While taking pictures of the most random things that most people would consider garbage, and wearing big headphones. I probably just finished smudging my (probably messy) house. Or at the very least, my office. Pulling my morning tarot cards. Calling in my guides, and elements. It’s highly likely that I have a crystal in my bra (if I’m even wearing one). I’m also a Reiki Master, and a blue dot in a red state. I feel more connected to {insert favorite term for “the creator” here} while in nature than in a church. I have emotions too. Big ones. I feel things deeply. I can even feel the buzz of the earth the world around me if I still still a while. I’m sure you can relate?

I have never been more in love with myself!! More and more of it comes out every day. 

Back when I was a hair-stylist my mantra was “Everyone is beautiful. It’s up to me to bring out the best in my clients so the world could see it too.” While hair is now a past life, the mantra has remained. I want to show you the beauty of the world thru my eyes. I want my art to be relatable. I want to bring out the beauty in life that you may not have noticed before. And not just the good stuff. All. Of. It. The dark is just as beautiful as the light.

The biggest compliment that you can possibly give to my pieces is to say “me too!!” 

These pieces that I make have my entire heart and soul poured into them. There is a confidence in myself and my work that is so strong. The opinions of others don’t affect me much at all. I’m just over here doing me. Nothing makes me happier than to see someone else doing them and being genuinely happy in that. Whatever “that” may be. Go be that! Be authentically YOU! 

The moral of the story is this- Your journey is what shapes you. It is yours and yours alone. You are the sum of your past experiences. Only you can decide what you will make out of them. As for me, I’m over here choosing limes instead of lemons and making a margarita :). 

Id love to hear more about you and your own journey. Other people’s stories of strength are inspiring to me and to others too. Tell me about you, and how you found your vibe in the comments or send me an email/pm! 


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