Mid-Spring Muesings



Hello from my bean bag chair 👋🏻! I’m here sketching out the makings of the next piece of an unnamed series based on the correlation between the seasons, and elements. Naturally, I got to thinking about this very specific time of year we are in at this moment. Let’s just call it “Mid-Spring”. A few moments ago this weird, but overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me for this time of year. I’ve never quite thought about this part of the season it in this way before, but here we are!

Mid spring happens so quick. Most don’t even realize it! Heck, neither did I up until about five minutes ago. If you aren’t sure of what Mid-Spring it is or how to find it here’s how-

Start by looking for those pretty young pastel flowers to fall off the trees and give way to vibrant green leaves. The young green leaves that were already there are now turning a much darker more vibrant green too. The new flowers that are coming up are likely the ones that will stick around for most of summer. These have the bright loud colors that echo in the summertime vibe of clothing, and bathing suit colors that we are wearing now. Same goes for that sweet pedicure you just got!

The days are getting longer. You are finding that you have more energy. Weekends are filled with events like Mother’s Day, weddings, graduations, end-of-the-year school stuff, cook outs, loud music, and probably a good amount of alcohol too! If you are young, and single- this time of year gets real interesting 😜!

This escalation continues to get stronger, at least in my life,  until around 4th of July weekend or just before. That is where it all sort of catches fire. After that life generally comes to almost a complete hault again. Queue in summertime.

This time of year sort of reminds me of a bass drop in a way. I’ll explain! This will make sense. I promise! stick with me k?

So a song is going on and on and it’s real fun and cool. Suddenly the bass drops out and the music gets kind of quiet. Then it slowly starts to build upon itself again.👈🏻This right here is mid-spring. Then the bass drops, loudly. The bass drop is that time around 4th of July weekend. It’s sort of the orgasm of the year in a way! I mean, who doesn’t love a good orgasm! Err umm I mean bass drop?!

I get that this is a totally random thought, but that’s sort of what I do. It’s how I create! I take these little bits of life that may go unnoticed, magnify them for you, and paste them all over social media. Occasionally sell some art too ;).

Part of my husbands wedding vows to me were that he was excited to walk thru life thru my eyes. I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude that I’ve gained the skills needed  to do this for a much larger audience too!

The new piece should be out within a month or so. I’m still working in the symbolism, but it will be entitled “summer”. I can’t wait to show you!

In the mean time go check out some of the other works in the shop. Www.natalieallgyer.com/shop