“Summer” - The How and Why


Creating this piece was a pretty cool lesson! I’m grateful for the process. It took a while to conceptualize it properly. Idea after idea came, but nothing was good enough. There were so many versions of this piece just that fell short. Months went by. It wasn’t until I had a “visit” from the Goddess, Kali Ma herself did I even realize the deeper sense of what summer is. I was a hot July evening. I sat in my studio chanting her name to the flame of that very same red candle that you see in the image, and the rest just came to me. That very moment was when Summer, from a metaphysical sense, sunk in properly.

Summer is the most masculine season. Opposite and complimentary to Winter in every way. In summer we tend to be out and about. Social events, parties, happy hour, the boat, the beach, the pool, vacations etc etc. The sun stays out later. Energizing you. Making it all possible. The reds, yellows, and oranges that we associate with Summer are also representative of fire. Fire is the element that represents Summer, but it also represents transformation (more on that in a bit). 

I added in the house (technically my own house), the moon, and the feminine chalice that is the bowl holding the phallic candle. The chalice was made from the sheet that has been apparent in the rest of the series to ground the vibe a bit. Grounding was defiantly needed. Summer can be pretty intense ride for this Libra!

Speaking for myself, and probably many others, Summer has usually been a time of change. Big change! Most of the bigger of my life events seem to occur in the summer months. While taking inventory of major life events, after this epiphany it seems that they peak right in the middle of Summer. I also learned that is when the Lions Gate Portal is open (google that to learn more. Its pretty cool) is when these events seem to peak. In any case I’ve often found myself leaving one thing for another in Summer. Something always has to die for something new to be born. That may sound extreme, most times it isn’t so much. Where as in Winter not much tends to be happening. There’s a reason for this too... If you think about rebirth, no matter how big or small. It has to come from the death of something else. This might sound morbid to you, but that just depends on how you see death. 

Summer is supposed to be a time of celebration and hedonism. A happy time!! Isn’t that far from morbid? Here’s a quick example- The school year ends, and makes way for the next grade. See, not always so crazy! 

Am I bending your brain yet? ‘Cuz the process of creating this piece has certainly bent mine! Do you agree that life can be a bit extra in Summer,  it not so much in Winter? Tell me about it!! 

With Gratitude,

Natalie Allgyer 

This and the rest of my works can be found here- www.natalieallgyer.com/gallery contact me to find out how to purchase. 

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