When it dies, is it really dead? What is death, really? Is it an ending? A beginning? Something new? Something exciting?? Or not? In any case the answer is unknown to us mere mortals. This piece is about the question of death. It encompasses all death. While it may well be a door that leads to something truly amazing, there is usually a degree of mourning in its wake. The mourning is necessary. To start anew we must shed the old. Even express gratitude for the old. If it weren’t for the old you would never have the new. 

This piece started as a meditation on what death is. What prompted the meditation was my daughter handing me a dried out peony as a little gift one morning. Even in its death. That peony was so beautiful. The subject’s outstretched hand, and her face looking up at the flower show a sense of mourning, but the rest of her posture indicates that she is ok with that. It was around this time that I was beginning to let go of things that no longer served me. I feel grateful for those things, but it is time to move on. I shot the image, in my birthday suit, on the cold hard floor in my living room. Something about that was humbling. The white sheet falling off of me along with the bare skin represent the newness that was about to come. As always, the light in these works plays a significant role. I generally shoot with flat lighting to mitigate the shadows. I paint in almost all of the light and shadow that you see in my works in post. It felt amazing to birth this creation. What can you do to “ascend” to the next level? Cheers and enjoy! 

Interested in purchasing?

Each of my works are available in limited edition prints only. That means that once they run all out there will be no more creations of that particular piece. Each print is available in 4 sizes- 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 40x40. Each size has only 10 prints available for each particular piece. **as the print run of a particular piece starts to run out, prices may increase. **

Each print is printed on archival, cotton, Hahnemuhle paper. Signed, and numbered by me. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. Framing is available. I’m happy to do it! Contact me to discuss options and prices. 

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