Is It Greener

This piece started with the beauty of the frame that you see in the piece. The frame is the frame of a mirror that hangs in my daughters room. I just love it! One day I was staring at it and this whole little world started to evolve inside of it. As I was planning and sketching, the piece sort of took on a life of its own. It wasn’t until it was finished, was able to stand back to realize what I did. If you read on you’ll find out what prompted me to finish too. This freedom in creating from trust is part of the beauty of being a visual artist. You just create. You don’t always know why. What you do know is that you are pulled to give birth to something beautiful. You just trust, and breath it out. The cardinals represent 2 of the angels who watch over me. My mother coming from the feminine left and my father from the masculine right. One from the light and the other from the dark. They will meet right in the middle. As does all of creation. Everything we know lies in the balance in the middle. Light needs dark, masculinity he needs feminine. This piece is my mantra visualized-“You know that place where light meets dark? That’s is where you will find me”. The best part- just as I was agonizing over the finishing touches, two cardinals were standing right outside of my window. TWO!! How perfect is that!? 

Creating this piece was fun. An interesting study on perspective too. The cardinals were realistic looking models with feathers and all. I photographed them from a few different angles, against a blue background so that I’d be able to get them into the proper perspective. I changed the color of the wall to blue from pink then pasted the carefully chosen nature image (beach in Charleston,SC) inside of the frame to set the stage for where the cardinals will meet. It took a couple of days to figure out where the dark side cardinal would come from. Finally, I poked a hole in a piece of paper and used that. I applied some textures found in nature, then went on to spend ample time bending and shaping the lighting to push the story further. I knew the piece was finished when I saw the two cardinals outside of my window. I watched them until they flew away. Then pressed save. Cheers and enjoy. 

Interested in purchasing?

Each of my works are available in limited edition prints only. That means that once they run all out there will be no more creations of that particular piece. Each print is available in 4 sizes- 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 40x40. Each size has only 10 prints available for each particular piece. **as the print run of a particular piece starts to run out, prices may increase. **

Each print is printed on archival, cotton, Hahnemuhle paper. Signed, and numbered by me. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. Framing is available. I’m happy to do it! Contact me to discuss options and prices. 

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