Twilight in Spring

The creation of this piece started with a feeling around how old things give nurturing, and wisdom to new things. The old serves as a protector allowing the new to blossom into what it needs to be. Staying close, yet out of the way. The old trees are dark, yet beautiful. They carry so much mystery and history inside. They have seen so much! The flower being nurtured in the nest is delicate. The flower would never make it without the brooding trees, and nurturing nest that they have so lovingly provided. The overall low key nature of the piece is a nod to seedings. You plant a seed under the dark, cool, soil. Then give it time. When it’s ready, the seed blossoms. The old trees are there to lend the young, fragile, flower has every chance that it can get. Wether the relationship is parent/child, student/teacher, winter/spring, etc. The laws are the same. To ensure survival; the old must nurture the new. 

While the inspiration for this piece came easy. Creation did not. The tree featured in the piece is three copies of an image of a beautiful, old, tree that I found in a park near by. I searched and searched for the right tree, but keep coming up short. One day, while out with my family, I walked right past it, but my daughter stopped to explore inside the trunk. I love how she forces me to stop and notice the little things. It was the perfect tree! It felt so secure and nourishing to be around. I felt safe simply standing under it. So I took a few images. Paying attention to where the tree, and the copies of it, would stand in the final image. The nest was created from some found pine straw that I weave’d together with some twine and wire.  A lily was chosen because of the purity that they represent. I placed the lily in the nest and photographed it in my studio. Once I had all the images, I put it all together as a composite piece with software. Finding the blue that you see in the image took weeks to decide. Finally, when I found the perfect one, I was able to create the rest of the coloring. Then crafted the lighting. In my pieces the lighting can be a character in and of itself. I generally shoot images for my pieces with flat lighting in order to mold us as desired later on. 

What do you feel when you stare at this image? Cheers and enjoy! 

Interested in purchasing?

Each of my works are available in limited edition prints only. That means that once they run all out there will be no more creations of that particular piece. Each print is available in 4 sizes- 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 40x40. Each size has only 10 prints available for each particular piece. **as the print run of a particular piece starts to run out, prices may increase. **

Each print is printed on archival, cotton, Hahnemuhle paper. Signed, and numbered by me. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity. Framing is available. I’m happy to do it! Contact me to discuss options and prices. 

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